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King of Kooks Surf Media

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King of Kooks is all about the local surf community; we love where we live, the waves, and every one of the characters that surf them.  Underground chargers, backyard shapers, and artistic creatives, all bound by a love of the ocean. 


By producing fresh film cuts of recent swells to show off our homegrown North Devon talent, we want to give this place and people, a platform to show their talents, tell their stories, and share their stoke.


However, we want to protect and support our North Devon surf community, not exploit it. That’s why you won’t find us naming any spots or showing identifiable landmarks in our content. 


As they say, respect goes a long way. 

We are working with athletes and creative characters to provide greater exposure for the local area and to entertain our followers in the process. 


Our vision is to work with more creatives,  and initiatives in the area to shine a light on the happenings of this place we call home. 


Your donations will help us invest in the film , photographic equipment and software we need to create these projects and continue to develop our craft for the surf community. 


We are not doing this for profit, it’s a passion, maybe an obsession.

Your Donations

Will keep us delivering these and create more

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